Golf Fashion in 2018 – What to Wear on the Course

Month: April 2018

Golf Fashion in 2018 – What to Wear on the Course

Golf Fashion in 2018 – What to Wear on the Course

Depending on who you ask golfers either dress really dorky or really stylish.  Well, if you are here reading this and are someone that feels golfers dress dorky you will not find anything within this post to back that up because we think golf style is h-o-t HOT!  That being said, let’s jump right in and talk about some of the things you can do to hit the course in style in 2018!

If you have played or been around the game at all, you probably know that the days of plaid pants, boring shirts, and ugly hats are a thing of the past.  Nowadays, golfers are wearing great looking clothes, and the style is not limited to the course.

Golfwear is highly sporty now.  All of the big players like Nike, Adidas, Under Armour, and others are in the mix and are all fighting for supremacy.  Golf attire is no longer limited to the course, and it is not uncommon for business attire to look similar to what you see on the course because it looks great and is very comfortable to wear.  Not too long ago if you saw someone dressed in golf attire you knew he or she played the game, now that is not the case because men and women, golfers and non-golfers are all enjoying the stylish comfort that golf clothing provide.

Hot Golfwear for 2018

If you want to look the part this coming golf season be sure to read up on golf GPS watch reviews 2018.  GPS golf watches are really hot right now and if you want to turn heads and wear an instant conversation starter be sure to equip yourself with one for the upcoming season.

Other items to consider adding to your repertoire would be things like dry-fit polos, bold colored belts, and quality rainproof pants and jackets.  There is an infinite selection of polos, shoes, and pants to choose from as well.  No matter what style you prefer you will be sure to find something that fits your eye.

If you are looking to stay up to date with the latest golf style, check out Short Par 4.  If you are on Facebook you have most likely seen their ads.  They offer a pretty great service to people that want to wear the latest and greatest golf clothes.  Packages range from $49/month to $129 per month, and you can pretty much customize a package on their website that makes you happy.

Make 2018 the year you showcase your golf style and turn heads on and off the course!

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